Davide Carrera, world freediving champion, uses a Seqex device for post-workout recovery.
Davide Carrera – World Freediving Champion

“ELF-EMF, ICR-LIKE and Biology: interactions, applications in medicine and clinical experience”.
Dott. Alessandro Greco

Dr. Alessandro Greco

“Integrated Medicine to improve the quality of life of patients”
Dr. Edoardo Rossi e Dr.ssa Maria Teresa Corsetti

Dr. Edoardo Rossi – Dr. Maria Teresa Corsetti

“I have always been on the look out for new ideas in medicine, and so I discovered Seqex”.

Dr. Ezio Gallas from Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO) introduces himself and his experience with Seqex.

Dr. Ezio Gallas

“I adopted Seqex to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy”.

Dr. Edoardo Rossi from Genoa introduces himself and his experience with Seqex.

Dr. Edoardo Rossi

“I noticed that Ion Cyclotron Resonance enhanced traditional acupuncture treatments”.

Dr. Maria Teresa Corsetti from Genoa introduces herself and her experience with Seqex.

Dr. Maria Teresa Corsetti


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