Seqex is a patented medical device for the treatment of disorders and diseases of the muscular and skeletal system. It exploits the beneficial effects of electromagnetic fields, generated at extremely low intensities and frequencies, administered in customized pulsed cycles both over the entire body and locally.

The name SEQEX is a combination of two terms from an ancient Andean language: SEQE, which means direction or polarity and X, which stands for the encounter between electromagnetic and permanent magnetic energy.

SEQEX is a device for the treatment of disorders and diseases of the muscular and skeletal system.

It is an innovative electromedical device for magnetotherapy that administers customized controlled pulsed or variable electromagnetic fields at extremely low intensities and frequencies.

SEQEX is CE certified

SEQEX uses extremely low frequencies and emits electromagnetic fields defined by a specialist, customized in relation to the individual and the disturbance to be treated.

SEQEX devices are used in orthopaedics and rehabilitation, and as support elements in integrative medicine.

SEQEX generates pulsed low frequency electromagnetic fields capable of inducing extremely low intensity wave. These sequences are generated on a professional machine and are recorded on a customized user Card.

SEQEX is indicated to counter pain and inflammation, to promote the mechanisms of tissue regeneration, and it is widely used for disturbances of the muscular and skeletal system and in orthopaedics, while it can also be applied to support other types of therapy.

The use of SEQEX devices for therapeutic purposes must be under qualified medical supervision.

A customized program is generated following a test by a specialist who prepares an individual Card and indicates the times and methods of treatment.

Treatment must NOT be administered in cases of: pregnancy, heart disease, epilepsy, presence of heart stimulators (pacemakers), haemorrhage, neoplasia, or transplants.

In reply to a specific application for assessment submitted by S.I.S.T.E.M.I. srl, the Italian Revenue Agency, Provincial Directorate of Trento, concluded that the payment of expenses for the purchase or rent of SEQEX brand electromedical equipment can be considered in all effects a “medical expense” with entitlement to deduction from personal income tax to the extent of 19% (pursuant to art. 15, par. 1 of Italian Pres. Dec. 917/86). The deduction can be claimed during presentation of either the 730 or Unified tax forms.

Eligibility for deduction is dependent on possession of a specific medical prescription for the use of a relevant device.


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